In  2008 furnace spares and maintenance had an enquiry from milled carbon group, to

Develop an existing furnace for the use of recycling carbon fibre. This is a new principle

To achieve what many have tried before, as carbon fibre is a very versatile material. Once

Formed from new it can not be redeveloped and is useless to any other application and

has to be sent to land-fill. Based upon this principle we worked together to develop this

furnace and process. However this particular furnace although it had the basics to

prove that this process Worked. it was not possible to achieve any sort of reasonable

production. Having proven This milled carbon entrusted us to design a new Plant and after various meetings and proposals the initial furnace design was approved and manufacture commenced in autumn 2008...


The worlds first recycling carbon fibre furnace.

Together as a joint venture both the process and the plant have been patented worldwide.



Spring of 2009 installation and commissioning of

The plant began at recycled carbon fibre ltd

Premises. Part of the milled carbon group.


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June 2008 we designed and built an automated fast quench charging machine for one of

our existing  customers. This machine was installed and commissioned in february 2009 and Produces a fast quench programme. This involves the machine being at station in front of a high temperature batch furnace (also built by ourselves). Furnace door is raised and

forks extended, load lifted and forks retract. Once forks back in the home position the

machine then starts to Travel down their heat treatment facility while rotating 180

degrees. Reaching quench the machine Slows and stops at station, forks extend lowering

load onto quench table  and then retract back to their home position. Ready for load to  

be quenched.


Recently completed design and build for local hospital incinerator. Completed in october 2009, this hopper, door and pusher assembly was installed to replace the existing system. Giving them an easier and more maintainable way of loading the incinerator.

November 2010 we successfully installed a purpose built plant for the heat treatment of aluminium - high nickel alloys for the petrochemical industry. Consisting of a furnace with a pivot opening door, quench tank and charge car all of which is fully automated. Incorporating a tilt mechanism for the roll of tubes into quench. The quench tank incorporates a turbine driven pump for effective quenching of the tubes.

Furnace temperature range: 350 - 1250 degrees C